Thinking Out Loud

Consistent words with a combination of consistent and genuine actions could bring many goals to light. Believe in yourself and only rock with the real ones and the real ones are often NOT the people you thought it would be. It’s ok though, CUSTOMIZE YOUR DREAM TEAM by recognizing the real from the fake! The ones who are just talking, to the ones who show genuine concern. Your very own partner, family member or so called friend maybe envious therefore being far less supportive. I wanted to believe otherwise, thinking I had REAL ones but turns out, they were only around for the CONSISTENT LOYALTY I provided. So I fInally woke up and realized I was not receiving what I was giving. Yes, I found out the hard way. People are still being revealed to me which is something to be thankful for. Please note people, if they do not inquire, acknowledge, or not just as excited as you about what you are excited about then you need to keep that in mind. No, you do not need others to manifest your GOALS/PLANS but what good are those people who do not want to see their partner, friend or family member accomplish or reach their FULL potential? Humans are interesting so we all much believe in ourselves heavily, love ourselves unconditionally and remain positive at all times.
That’s all for now. Be Blessed!❤💕


It was sadistic abuse that made me
The strangers that saved me
My mental state came from love ones who caved me
Hearing more rejections than acceptances is what braved me
Being compared to others endorsed the resentment in me
Disloyalty from loved ones imported the grudges inside me
Terminations allowed more self doubt to become me
Incarceration established a hustle in me
Searching for love from anyone created the promiscuous me
Betrayal from the trusted ones manifested the cold me
Becoming spiritual and conscious freed me
But after understanding self love, yeah that’s the true me.

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Melanated Words!

Hi. I am Jackie Boyd. Melanated Words is a blog I created as a self love resource for myself and many others. My vision is to help anyone relating to my topics of discussion. I am currently sharing how I began to cope with all of my life’s most difficult experiences through my upcoming novel, my poetry, my blogging, my podcast channel and my various speaking events. What started off as just therapeutic writing for me became key to my emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. In addition, I discovered how my story inspired others to open up about similar experiences throughout their lives and so here I am….

Again, welcome to Melanated Words! I’m so excited so let’s get started!